September NEW IIBA Update

Dear Members,

For those of you have that have stuck around eagerly awaiting our updates, we thank you for staying with us.

Since our last communication we have lost two more remaining board members to their other careers and passions and the 3 remaining board members have made the final decision to shutter the organization.
A small handful of you did come forward offering your services but, in the end, we didn’t have a realistic path to sustaining the chapter, and it’s three required positions, in a meaningful manner.

We will soon be taking down or laying dormant, the NEW IIBA website, our Facebook page, LinkedIn account, and removing our email address from our G Suite Accounts. We will put the sites and outlets in hibernations for the possibility of renewal down the road.

As a last gesture, we will be providing one final email blast in the near future with suggestions on where you can go to continue your BA journey.

We thank you for the 14 years of adding value to the BA community in Northeast Wisconsin.