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Vice President of Education and Certification

The Vice President of Education and Certification is responsible for the Chapter's educational and professional development programs designed to increase the competence of the business analysis community as well as promote and educate the membership on the business analyst certifications. This position is responsible for promoting business analysis and developing business analysis skills at the Chapter level by securing qualified speakers to deliver educational topics and programs at meetings, events, seminars, and workshops. The individual in this role will be expected to periodically poll the membership to inquire on the areas in which they are looking to expand their knowledge. Ideally, the individual fulfilling this role will have obtained certification as a business analysis professional. In addition, this position fulfills any other requirements of a Director and Officer, and performs other duties as the need arises and/or as defined in the bylaws. This role is elected biennial and the individual will serve two years in this position.
Specific accountabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Serve on the Board
  • Steward overall Education and Certification activities
  • Provide direction, guidance and support for Director of Certification when the position is filled
  • Maintain a library of speakers including topics and contact information
  • Plan educational programs and select qualified presenters
  • Solicit feedback on programs
  • Oversee programs and initiatives that support members seeking certification
  • Periodically poll the membership on desired topics
  • Prepare slides for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which includes information specific to this Board members accountabilities.  This will become part of the consolidated report that the President prepares for the AGM.
  • Organize professional workshops and seminars
  • Evaluate educational requirements of the Chapter membership
  • Participate in associated committees within the IIBA®, as needed
  • Prepare and submit a list of expected expenses to be included in the annual Chapter budget
  • Execute assigned strategic Chapter initiatives as determined by the Board
  • Provide quarterly updates on current and planned activities
  • Train on designated backup role, and act as resource when needed (see Emergency Succession Plan)
  • Create related website content and updates as needed
  • Regularly update information and documentation pertinent to the position, and transition to the position successor
  • Actively participate in all applicable Board discussions and decision making

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