Chapter Update

Hello Chapter Members,
The Board of Directors apologizes for the lack of communication and Chapter events. 
It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter of the IIBA is at serious risk of going extinct.  Born out of an idea in 2008, the Chapter has seen some ups and downs, but now we are in a down that most likely will result in dissolution of our organization.
As we all know, the past pandemic was very challenging, and like a lot of organizations we did our best to adapt to the new paradigm.  We hosted several virtual events using remote meeting tools (Webex, ZOOM, etc.) as well as a couple of hybrid events which offered both virtual and in person attendance.  For several meetings in a row, attendance has been consistently in the single digits which is significantly less than our historical average of 30 attendees and maximum of 48.  
Diminished meeting attendance, dwindling sponsorships, and the unsuccessful attempts to obtain speakers has critically impaired the ability to carry out the Chapter’s mission: ‘The mission of the IIBA® Northeast Wisconsin Chapter is to provide opportunities for education, sharing and continuous improvement so that we promote business analysis within organizations in our community.’
Furthermore, Chapter governance is negatively impacted because of attrition of the Board and the consistent inability to fill the Board’s vacant positions.  Per our Chapter’s bylaws, the Board consists of ten individuals who also hold officer’s positions. Currently, six of the ten positions are vacant resulting in four individuals covering the duties of ten.  For the last few years, these four individuals have been the backbone of the Chapter; they have served numerous terms with one individual serving consecutive terms since the Chapter’s inception in 2008.  Serving the Chapter has been an honor; it’s been exciting and rewarding; however, the last couple of years has been exhausting.
To thwart dissolution of the Chapter, a new Board of Directors is needed. The Chapter is organized as a nonprofit organization in the state of Wisconsin and the Board of Directors are required to:

  • Have a minimum of three members
  • Have at least the following positions :
    • President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer

The fate of the chapter rests in your hands.  A new Board of Directors is urgently needed.  We implore you to rattle your entire professional network, urge your co-workers, supervisors and colleagues to volunteer to be a member of the new Board of Directors for the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter of the IIBA. 
Time is of the essence; therefore, any individual that is interested in being a member of the new Board of Directors MUST respond on or before July 1, 2023.   A lack of response or not enough responses to fill the three required positions mentioned above will result in moving forward with dissolving our organization.
Thank you all, it’s been our pleasure to manage this organization and serve our members.