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November Chapter Meeting - The Human Side of Quality: Six Sigma for Relationships

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 -
5:30pm to 8:00pm
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Overview and Learning Objectives

Since the early 80's with the recognition that something was "out of whack" in the manufacturing arena, "quality" became more than just a buzzword.  Fortune 500's (and all enlightened companies for that matter), turned to the quality gurus: Deming, Juran, Crosby etal.  The message was simple--forget quality "control" at the end of the process and "build" quality into every aspect of the process chain!

But one critical element was overlooked: the "people" process.  This workshop focuses on that element--Communication, Collaboration, and Change.  Using the insights of quality processes--as well as the most recent work in "behavioral economics" (the brain's mechanisms for decision-making--large and small, fast and slow) we'll share strategies to close the human side of the quality-gap. 

Through 'experiential learning' exercises, short video segments, insightful 'cartoons' and group discussions, the foundational elements which enhance quality through more effective communication, collaboration and therefore change will be outlined.


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Presenter Information

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As a founding vice president of Stephen R. Covey’s organization (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle-Centered Leadership), Peter Vedro helped develop and launch the Seven Habits Organizer and The First Things First Program, as well as deliver dozens of three- to five-day executive seminars on Principle-Centered Leadership and The Seven Habits. Peter worked with dozens of companies of the Fortune 500, such as The Coca-Cola Company, US West, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, as well as Silicon Valley start-ups and major non-profits, including the YMCA of the USA and the Girl Scouts, bringing together insights drawn from the fields of education, psychology, theater, and business.

Most recently situated in Wisconsin, Peter has presented keynotes and workshops for Alliant Energy, United Vaccines, Flambeau, APIC (Supply Chain Management), WIBADD (Wisconsin Business Analysts Development Day), as well as state education organizations, including: WASB (Wisconsin Association of School Boards); WASBO (Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials); and WIRSA (Wisconsin Rural Schools Association). Currently Peter also serves as an elected official both as a member of the School Board of Baraboo, WI and as a Sauk County Supervisor (District #15). As such, he consulted with and provided workshops for SCIL (Sauk Institute of Leadership) as well as adjunct faculty to Madison Area Technical College’s Business & Industry Services, Civic Leadership Foundation, and President & CEO of VisionQuest International (http://www.visionquestinternational.org/), a non-profit focusing on the development of “ethical leadership” in educational, governmental, and business settings. Finally as consultant to the Leadership Center at Morehouse College and co-facilitator of its Public Leadership Initiative, which applies “the ethical leadership model” to today’s social, economic, political, and cultural challenges.

Equally important to the work in the corporate, educational, and non-profit worlds, is service as a member of the board of the Howard Thurman Educational Trust, now housed at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Invited to serve by Sue Bailey Thurman, Peter joined his father Carl Vedro, moving the family's 45-year friendship into a new generation. Two projects Peter is most proud of are the creation of the Thurman/Gandhi Celebration conducted each year at the Ferry Building in San Francisco honoring the meeting of the Thurman's and Gandhi in 1936, and the ten year "'Freedom Now' Mural Tour" which traveled the country from coast-to-coast exhibiting the Robert Witt Ames mural now permanently housed at the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago.


Secura Insurance, Appleton, WI

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